Hands and feet

SPA pedicure 90 min 65 EUR

Our feet take thousands of steps every day without us even noticing it. We pay attention to our feet only when they need care and treatment. Pedix Marina Vital Classic foot treatment helps to treat your feet so that you do not have to think about the steps you are taking.

The treatment begins with the MarinaVital Wellness foot bath. After that, we will use cotton pads immersed in Go Lightly as a compress to treat the skin on your feet. At the same time, we will take care of your toe nails. After the compress, we will peel you feet and caress them with a relaxing massage using foot balm. The treatment ends with a deep-conditioning and revitalizing foot mask after which, the exclusive Silky Touch powder will give your feet a glamorous glow. To complete the treatment you are offered a selection of  luxurious decorative nail polishes to suit your taste.