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Body therapy

Exotic lime and ginger salt glow 45 min 55 EUR

Invigorating ginger, energising lime and unrefined sea salt are mixed with fine oils to exfoliate and re-mineralise your skin. After light body brushing, warm oil is dripped luxuriously all over your body before the sublime Elemis Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow is applied. Your skin is deeply cleansed, polished and softened to perfection, completed with an application of Exotic Island Flower Body Balm leaving the skin glowing and vibrant, replenished, flawless. Soothe your body and soul with hand picked jasmine, ylang-ylang, osmanthus and warm vanilla for a truly sensuous, perfumed body.

NB! Treatment is not recommended to soon-to-be moms and whilst breast feeding.

Ceremony of sun 60 min 75 EUR

We know the sun is good for the soul but not necessarily for the skin… But it can be so with this rich and sensual ritual – the healthy way to radiant sun kissed skin! Invigorating exotic lime and ginger salt scrub leaves your skin perfectly polished, softened and prepared for the application of Total Glow Self Tan moisturiser. One hour of pure indulgence leaves you with the sunny glow, which will turn the heads…

NB! Treatment is not recommended to soon-to be moms and whilst breast-feeding.

Exotic frangipani body nourish wrap 60 min 75 EUR

Traditionally grown on the beautiful coral atolls of the Pacific Ocean, the exquisite sweet scented Frangipani flowers, known as ‘Flowers of the Gods’, are carefully soaked in cold-pressed coconut oil to produce Monoi, an ancient Tahitian word meaning ‘scented oil’. In this exotic treatment it flows onto your body, making it soft and silky. Until the body is wrapped into a fully moisturising cocoon, the precious beauty secret of polynesian women is applied to your face and scalp. After the shower, when the Exotic Island Flower Body Lotion is massaged into your skin, you’ll feel an amazing rebirth.

Exotic coconut rub and milk ritual wrap 60 min 75 EUR

A luxurious exotic wrap, a ceremony of pure sensuality to tantalise and delight. A traditional Balinese recipe of coconut, mung bean, spices and lavender is combined with Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt. In warmed moisturising milk bath there lies a secret discovered by Cleopatra… This superior treatment is further enhanced by a luxurious de-stress scalp treatment for the ultimate SPA experience.

NB! Treatment is not recommended to soon-to-be moms and whilst breast-feeding.

Musclease aroma spa ocean wrap 75 min 85 EUR

Energising body brushing and warm algae mask with scented oil selection is exactly what your body is longing for when you are on a voyage. The extracts of arnica, birch and witch hazel are tension relieving. A warming blend of maritime pine and rosemary oils helps to ease rheumatism, arthritis, muscle spasm and tiredness. Let your thoughts drift away, whilst you are treated the pressure point massage of the face and de-stress scalp treatment with the oil from Tanzanian ‘Miracle Tree’.

NB! Treatment is not recommended to soon-to-be moms and whilst breast-feeding.

Cellutox aroma spa ocean wrap 75 min 85 EUR

A blend of juniper and lemon essential oils helps to stimulate and remove toxins from the entire body. A Welcome-touch with the uplifting lime oil and the circulation stimulating body brushing are the introduction to this unique therapy to detoxify and to remove excessive liquid. The skin tone and texture will improve. This excellent results-giving therapy is a pure satisfaction for the mind.

NB! Treatment is not recommended to soon-to-be moms and whilst breast-feeding.

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