Restaurant menu

“It is rich melodies and well orchestrated. The adagio was particularly captivating. It was built on the Russian character; hearing of Russian motif, you feel your heart warm…”

A critic remarking on Tchaikovsky First symphony, after an 1847 St. Petersburg performance.

Whether spoiling yourself with an la carte dinner in our stunning restaurant,

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or hiding yourself away in your spacious bedroom for our delicious room service menu, count on Executive Chef Vladislav Djatšuk and his brigade to create a remarkable meal.

NB! In the summer period we offer the terrace lunch menu during lunch time, whether seated inside the restaurant or out on the terrace.



Poached asparagus with goat cheese and horseradish hollandaiseEUR 18,00
Octopus with avocado, white fish roe and fennel sauceEUR 17,00
Leek-apple salad with seared scallop and ramson-onion sauceEUR 19,00
Scottish Salmon Ballotine with lobster, cucumber and tarragon aioliEUR 19,00
Veal tartar with Gruyère cheese, pickles and coriander croutonEUR 18,00

Tchaikovsky pelmeni

Wild mushroom pelmeni and cheese gratin with potatoes espumaEUR 15,00
Rabbit pelmeni with cauliflower and garlic-truffle creamEUR 15,00

Royal blini with classical garnishes and choice of caviar (30 g.)

Keta roeEUR 17,00
Whitefish roeEUR 17,00
Osetra caviarEUR 150,00


Borš with duck meat a la TchaikovskyEUR 9,50
Oyster and mussels tomato herb soupEUR 13,00

Main courses

Globe artichoke with goat cheese cream and Black truffleEUR 18,00
Brown buttered haddock fillet with snails and saffron sauceEUR 24,00
Roasted halibut fillet, octopus and mussels sauceEUR 25,00
Roasted quail with pine nuts - celery puree and rosemary sauceEUR 25,00
Goatling confit with Jerusalem artichoke, lingonberries and fricassee sauceEUR 26,00
Roasted Black Angus beef flank with truffle-potato puree and Madeira sauceEUR 26,00


Selection of hand made sorbets and ice creamsEUR 5,00
Symphony of rhubarb with strawberry and yogurt sorbetEUR 7,50
Chocolate Duet with drunk cherry and cardamom ice creamEUR 7,50
Pavlova à la TchaikovskyEUR 7,50
Moscato d'Asti sabayon with pistachio cake, black truffle and white chocolate ice creamEUR 7,50
International cheese selectionEUR 11,00